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  • Project/Program Management

Monaco Consulting has extensive experience with managing large projects (not limited to only technology projects). We use Microsoft Project as our preferred tool, but have experience with other project management and content management tools; such as, Niku and Agile, if needed.

  • Product Marketing Management

Several small to midsize businesses experience challenges when it comes to marketing their products and/or services, especially with large companies using their inflated marketing budget to compete with your modest marketing budget. Monaco Consulting has a vast knowledge of marketing tools available on the Internet and able to select the tools that will promote your business - give you the ability to expand your market share without paying a high price.

Our expertise include conducting extensive Market Analysis of your product idea(s), identifying ideal market segments for initial product launch and implementation plan/time-line; develop the Business Plan - what would be the impact on your business, what are the risks involved, what would be the opportunity costs if products are not marketed, what are your products Strengths and Weaknesses - Opportunities and Threats (SWOT Analysis), who are your competitors and what are they marketing and how does it compare to your products; initiate Best Practices for disclosing product information and interacting with the Press or other Public Relations representatives; developing a Memorable Market Campaign that drives your product sales through the roof....

We have assisted companies from diverse industries with successful product launches and our clients are always very pleased with the outcome.

  • Quality Assurance

Our expertise in the area of Quality Assurance include specialized training from Six Sigma and its predecessors - quality control, TQM, and Zero Defects. We also embrace the philosophies of Kaizen when introduced to challenging manufacturing operations.

  • Network Design and Implementation

Let Monaco Consulting help you ensure you’re getting the right equipment and technology to match your business needs and goals.  We’ll work with you to understand your budget, needs, timelines and expectations.  We’ll even design and utilize our procurement services to prepare quotes on hardware, software, and services so you know what you’re spending and getting before you take that next step.  Contact us today so your company implements the right network for your business the first time!

  • Cyber Security Analysis / Technology Audit

Monaco Consulting will assist you in conducting an infiltration assessment of your infrastructure/environment, document required actions/fixes, develop the implementation plan (including Change Management procedures for organizations requiring these for SOX, PCI, HIPAA, and other governing standards), and implement the approved changes.

  • Managed Services

Monaco Consulting offers full service outsourcing for small businesses to meet the specific needs of its clients. We have a number of plans to assist you on an as-needed basis all the way to complete control of your IT department. Our plans are flexible and can accomodate companies with unlimited users in multiple locations.

  • Remote/On-Site Systems Administration

Anytime remote administration - offered to clients who need instant assistance or prefer administration conducted after business hours. Our remote tools enable us to take care of your requirements when it's convenient for you. We also offer on-site systems administration and training.

  • Server Upgrades and Expansion

Server upgrades may seem simple, but when getting down to the actual migration and expansion, this simple task tends to become stressful. Monaco Consulting has years of experience with developing and implementing the most appropriate upgrade/expansion plan for your organization. Initial consultations are free, so you would be aware of the steps involved with completing a server upgrade and/or expansion - cost breakdown disclosed prior to any work being done. 

  • Emergency IT Services

In case of emergency, Monaco Consulting is available and on-call to assist you with whatever technology crisis you may have. Whether you've accidentally erased your hard drive or lost connectivity. On a more severe level - if you have a server or PC crash in the midst of completing a critical project or presentation, Monaco Consulting could provide you with a temporary server or PC to enable you to complete your project or presentation.

  • Technology Relocation

It is not uncommon for organizations to relocate equipment between offices, and the thought of transporting delicate equipment; such as computers and peripherals, and then having to reconnect everything could be overwhelming. Monaco Consulting has helped several clients relocate servers and other office equipment, and ensure everything is working properly. We take pride in working closely with you during the planning, moving, and the walk-through to ensure you are able to conduct business as usual.

  • IT Contracting

Monaco Consulting offers outsourcing opportunities for small to medium-sized businesses.